Meet the Team

Carissa Miller, Head Instructor

Carissa has worked as an entry-level dental assistant, an Expanded Function Dental Assistant and has served as assistant instructor for CHCI. She has tremendous knowledge of all aspects of dentistry.  Carissa has just about completed her Master’s Degree in Biological Science and soon will be applying to dental school.  Carissa believes in our students and pushes them to grow their skill. When Carissa isn't working, she is studying, but finds time to enjoy time off with friends and family and explore the area. She volunteers with an international dental mission bringing dental care to areas in need.

Sunny Rahman, Assistant Instructor

Sunny is a Registered Dental Hygienist with a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Hygiene.  He is a born teacher and has a passion for dentistry.  In addition to working with our students, Sunny spends his time educating his patients on ways to maintain the highest level of oral health.  Sunny loves to travel. Our students love hearing all about his international adventures as much as his explanation of dental radiology. 

Administrative Staff

Vikki Edmond, Admissions Coordinator

Vikki is the first point of contact for our students, past, present and future.  Her background in public relations and serving heart help her to understand how to best support our students in their dental career journey.  Vikki assists our students with career readiness, interview preparation and resume creation to give them the support they need to begin a new career in just 10 weeks.  Fun Fact: During undergraduate studies, Vikki interned with a National Hockey League team. In the early days of Twitter and Facebook, Vikki ran the team social media account and was the liaison between the players and fans for major team events.   

Jeffrey Scharf, School Director

A true leader in business and education, Jeffrey is the driving force behind Contemporary Health Career Institute. In coordination with a great support staff, Jeff works closely with the local community to create an alternative to traditional education. The Dental Assistant Training Program at CHCI is designed to teach the skills needed to give students the opportunity to join the profession he loves. When he is not at his desk, he is on the golf course perfecting his game. Fun Fact: Jeff was a local Golf Club Champion and has played on some of the best courses in the country. He has many more great ones to visit.

Dr. Jonathan Scharf, School Founder

One of the most distinguished names in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Scharf has trained thousands of dentists from across the country and around the world in the art and skill of dentistry.  For over 40 years, Dr. Scharf has been serving patients with superior results from his office in Exton. While staffing his private practice Dr. Scharf saw a need for hands-on dental assistant education. In 2006, Contemporary Health Career Institute became the answer.  When he is not chairside, he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling the globe. Fun Fact: Dr. Scharf is a Bonsai Enthusiast.  He appreciates the artistry and cultivation techniques it takes to create such a beautiful art form, which also reflects his passion for dentistry.